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Author: Surya Baht, Red Ranger

Feeling like your 9-5 is bringing you down or simply not getting enough fresh air in your life? 

These days we are more disconnected with the natural world, so it’s important to find ways to get back to our natural roots and appreciate the species that balance our precious ecosystems. 

Trees are one of the natural beauties that provide the planet with several benefits including:

  • Improved Air Quality
  • Carbon capture
  • Providing Habitats and Timber (when produced sustainably!)

There is wide evidence that suggests a 10 minute walk can not only improve your physical well-being, but also your mental health!

The power of a nature walk (preferably with no phones unless you’re taking a photo!), can lead to a brighter, more positive outlook on life…especially when you take the time to appreciate the surroundings. 

Sometimes you’ll find hidden treasures along the way, like a tipi hut built out of fallen branches!

Look for UK Native Trees!

See if you can try and spot some UK Native Tree Species that now cover just 13% of UK land. 

  • SYCAMORE- (Acer pseudoplatanus, Part of the Maple family, Sapindaceae – think sap). Look out for fallen propellers to drop from above to watch them spin to remind you of childhood!
  • ELDER(Sambus nigra)– Flowers are currently in full bloom! Have a whiff of the flowers to remind you of a nice refreshing elderflower cordial!
  • Oak- (Quercus robur- Fagaceae family)Native Oak supports over 2000 species of insects, birds, mammals and fungi!
  • Chestnut- (Castanea sativa)- Look out for spiky conkers which will grow to produce delicious chestnuts to roast during the colder months!
  • Pine- Pinus

Bird Sounds To Listen Out For

Nature walks are packed with many great benefits, one of them being the ability to get up close to local wildlife! The sound of birds tweeting is a noise that adds a sense of relaxation to your walks – but do you know what these noises mean, and have you experienced any of these on your walks?

Check out this article on 5 bird sounds to listen out for and what they mean!

Best Nature Walks in the North West 

If you need some inspiration on where to go, here are a few nature walks  in the North West of England, near where Reclaiming Reds are based. 

Three Sisters (Wigan) Nature Reserve with a café and a cash only shop with random goodies for your walk!

Rivington Pike aka Winter Hill (Bolton)Lovely little café to start your walk, or a refreshment after the hike!

Worsley Woods (Worsley)Beautiful walks and great for cycling!

Formby (Merseyside) – Look out for Red Squirrels!

Haigh Hall (Wigan) – Little café, mini golf and beautiful views! 

Knowsley Safari’s Woodland Trail!

Did you know Knowsley Safari has a woodland trail? Walk towards Birds of Prey and continue through to the entrance of the nature trail!

Plus, if you want to learn more about trees, here is an informative article from Woodland Trust on the UKs most common trees!

Red Squirrel Conservation at Reclaiming Reds

Hopefully you’ll go on a nature walk and identify plenty of native species.

Interested in helping the red squirrel, one of our native species? We’re always looking for people to help us bring back red squirrels to the Knowsley Estate and surrounding areas. Check out our Community Trap Loan Scheme if you live nearby.