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It’s almost Easter Day – the fresh air, the blossoming flowers and of course, the unimaginable amount of chocolate we’re all about to consume. As the Easter Bunny brings us our Easter eggs, we thought it fitting to do a woodland-themed Easter quiz. There are 20 questions, so get your notepad and pen, and good luck!

  1. Are red squirrels herbivores (only eat plants), carnivores (only eat meat) or omnivores (eat both plants and meat)?

2. Why do grey squirrels have a negative impact on woodland biodiversity?

3. What animal is found along rivers and streams and is known as the ‘water rat’ or ‘water dog’?

4. What is the Latin name for the red squirrel?

5. Pine martens are skillful treetop hunters and expert climbers. True or false?

6. Which woodpecker is the smallest and least common of the three woodpeckers that are resident in Britain?

7. Is a male common frog larger or smaller than a female common frog?

8. What is a squirrel nest called?

9. What is the disease called that grey squirrels carry and are immune to, but it is fatal to red squirrels and can rapidly kill whole populations?

10. What is the only mammal that can fly?

11. Frogs can breathe through their skin. True or false?

12. When a Hedgehog sheds its spines, what is this process called?

13. What is the name of a female rabbit?

14. Grey squirrels are native to the UK. True or false?

15. What is the UK’s fastest land mammal?

16. How many species of grasshopper are in the UK?

17. Why did the beaver go extinct in the UK around 500 years ago?

18. The red squirrel is named due to its dominant fur colour, but can it change colour?

19. Goldcrests are the smallest bird in the UK. True or false?

20. Why do frogs croak?


  1. Omnivores
  2. They strip bark from trees
  3. Water vole
  4. Sciurus vulgaris
  5. True
  6. Lesser spotted woodpecker
  7. Smaller
  8. Drey
  9. Squirrel pox
  10. Bat
  11. True
  12. Quilling
  13. Doe
  14. False. Grey squirrels are a non-native, invasive species introduced to the UK from America in 1876.
  15. Brown hare
  16. 11
  17. They were hunted
  18. Yes
  19. True
  20. To attract a mate

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We hope you enjoyed our Easter Woodland-themed Quiz. We’d love to know if you enjoyed it and how you got on, so do let us know on our social media channels. Lastly, have a fun-filled Easter!